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Dear World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition Members,

Thank you SO MUCH for giving feedback on the WPCC logo options. Your input was extremely valuable and very much appreciated.

We have a winner!

Globe shape made of ribbons communicates movement, transformation and collaboration.

NOTE: Please do not use this logo in any communications yet.

The logo has a watermark to discourage usage at this time. We will let you know as soon as it is OK to use the logo.

In other updates, the agenda for our May meeting is firming up nicely! One of the sessions is about raising awareness of pancreatic cancer. Do you have an example that you would like to share during this session? If so, contact Clara MacKay

We will send you the agenda and meeting logistics the week before the meeting.

Also, stay tuned for other details, including a Toolkit we will send prior to the meeting that will contain:
  • WPCC logo
  • Brand guidelines about how to appropriately use the logo
  • Press release template you can customize and distribute to local media
  • Instructions and hashtags for promoting WPCC on social media

Julie Fleshman
Chair, World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition Steering Group
Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (USA)

Ali Stunt
Chair, World Pancreatic Cancer Day 2016
Pancreatic Cancer Action (UK)

Alex Ford
Pancreatic Cancer UK (UK)

Barbara Kenner
Kenner Family Research Fund (USA)

Clara MacKay
Project Lead, World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition (Canada)